Tune into silence

Turquoise waters expanding out flat, smooth, gleaming mirror-like. Sails down. No wind. No sound apart from the waves gently lapping, as your catamaran glides towards the next dream cove. Discover a world of sailing in silence.

Discover ‘E’



To create a truly natural and innovative sailing experience

To harness the power of the sun, sea and wind. To create a truly natural and innovative sailing experience. To embark on unique discoveries without the disturbance of shafts turning or generators running. To hear nothing but the beautiful oceanic environment surrounding us. We had a dream to combine that with sumptuous design and refined touches befitting the highest of luxury cruising experiences. Our entrepreneurial spirit, fascination with cutting-edge technology, dedication to performance, safety and efficiency, our care for the environment – and most importantly – our love of sailing, combine to create ‘E’. This is the first luxury eco-catamaran of its kind developed in partnership with Sunreef Yachts.

We’re excited to share our dream with you.


THE 360°

Eco luxury yachting experience

‘E’ for exploration

Embark on your first voyage where you can truly enjoy and immerse yourself in your natural surroundings. ‘E’ offers an exclusive luxury sailing experience that runs entirely on an eco-electric propulsion system. Responsible boating, abundant in comfort, elegance and dependable performance. The reality pristine waters. Lungfuls of fresh air. Peaceful stillness. Complete and utter silence…

‘E’’s two high-performance electric engines generate power whilst sailing. The efficient battery bank and solar panels provide enough daily clean energy to sustain all your yacht needs, including the unrivalled comfort of a silent, fast-cooling marine aircon system. ‘E’ sports unique thermoplastic composite sails by innovative French manufacturers Incidence Sails. We promise you a luxury yachting experience onboard ‘E’ – no compromises.


‘E’ for elegance

Let us welcome you onto the expansive aft-deck. Indulge your senses over sunset with an aged single-malt sipped from a hand-cut Moser crystal glass. Relax into our Tribù and Dedon designer furniture as we treat you to some of our culinary creations; a bespoke menu specially curated to your tastes, complete with Raynaud fine porcelain, Christofle cutlery and Stölzle Lausitz glassware. Move through the spacious interiors, opulent and sleek in handcrafted and couture detailing: sustainable Burmese teak flooring, Carrara marbles, Missoni fabrics – all complimented by a stylish and soothing palate of black and metallic grey tones. No details left untouched.


‘E’ for environmental

With its eco-electric propulsion system, ‘E’ promises sustainable performance sailing, in safety, efficiency, and ultimate comfort. This is the magic and excitement of state-of-the-art sailing; the freedom of the sea, the enjoyment of clean air and peaceful nature, the security of dependable power for unique experiences without leaving a trace. The world is yours to discover.

We want to show that luxury sailing is possible without consuming natural resources. That it can be combined with a gentle care for the environment. We believe in producing our electricity and water from the sun, sea and wind – thanks to our energy efficient propulsion system that runs on rechargeable batteries. We have incorporated reclaimed and recycled materials into our design – all without compromising on style or luxury.



The 'E' Team

Paul Johnson


Nationality: British

Languages: English

Paul was born in the UK and grew up sailing and racing boats since the age of four. He was brought up dingy sailing and successfully campaigned many highly competitive seasons in dinghy classes. It seems only natural with such a love for the ocean that Paul wanted to obtain further qualifications to match his experience and establish a career as a captain.

Since then, Paul has been captaining boats for 17 years and has sailed all around the world, from the U.S. East Coast to the Caribbean, South Pacific and the Mediterranean.

One of the highlights was winning Best in Show at the British Virgin Islands charter yacht show in 2011. With this vast knowledge, he is sure to take you on a unique sailing adventure!

Having studied Watersports Activity Leadership at Falmouth Marine School and holding his MCA Yacht-Master Offshore, Paul will take good care of you no matter where your sailing adventures might take you. His passion for watersports can provide unique assistance in diving, wakeboarding, tubing, and snorkeling.


Jean-Richard Knipe


Nationality: South African

Languages: English, Afrikaans

Jean-Richard's passion for the hospitality industry began at a young age, growing up in the west coast of South Africa, where his father ran a business in the hospitality sector. This early exposure to the industry inspired Jean-Richard to pursue a career in hospitality, with the ultimate goal of becoming a yacht chef.

After completing his culinary arts qualification at the Francois Ferreira Academy in 2013, Jean-Richard began working in fine dining and upmarket kitchens in Cape Town. During this time, he focused on expanding his culinary knowledge and experience, developing his skills in creating high-end, gourmet cuisine using the freshest possible ingredients.

In 2019, Jean-Richard transitioned into becoming a private chef, honing his skills in creating bespoke culinary experiences for discerning guests. As a private chef, he learned the importance of tailoring his offerings to meet the unique needs and preferences of each guest, while still maintaining the highest standards of quality and luxury.

Jean-Richard's love for seafood is likely to be reflected in his culinary creations, as South Africa's west coast is known for its abundance of fresh seafood. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to his role as a yacht chef, ensuring that guests on-board can expect an elite culinary experience that caters to their every need.


Amanda Hyatt


Nationality: US

Languages: English, Spanish

Hailing from Virginia Beach, VA, Amanda was born and raised by the sea, and introduced to the water at an early age at her grandparents lake house and also sailing the Chesapeake on her uncle's sloop. This inspired her to take to a life on the sea after college brought her to Florida. She has spent the last five years working on sailing catamarans, which have taken her from the U.S. East Coast, across the Atlantic, through the Med, and feeling at home in ports all across the Caribbean. All the while she gained extensive experience in managing charter experiences, developed her love of cooking and refined her culinary knowledge a few years back at the Ashburton Chef's Academy in Devon, England.

Amanda's friendly and warm personality, can-do attitude and attention to detail will ensure your stay onboard 'E' is second to none.

As a PADI Rescue Diver, and watersports enthusiast, Amanda loves to encourage her guests in the water be it snorkeling, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, or kayaking! Her kind and gentle demeanor makes it easy for her to understand what guests need and want to make their vacation exemplary, all while they relax onboard in between unforgettable meals, sunsets, and their favorite sundowners!


Mateusz Anton


Nationality: Polish

Languages: Polish, English, Spanish

Mateusz was born near Katowice in southern Poland. From an early age his parents have been sparking his interest in all water-related activities like windsurfing and, of course, sailing. At the age of 14 he passed his first yachting exams and obtained the inland skipper and motorboat helmsman certificates. In 2018 he completed a lifeguard course, so he will take good care of you during your water activities, fully mindful and cheerful at a time. 

For the past few years Mateusz has been gaining experience in high-level customer service at premium hotels and restaurants. Since 2022 he has held a Private Pilot License and continues his training to become a commercial pilot one day. He is currently also studying Aviation at the University of Technology in Rzeszow.

You never know, maybe one day you could meet him in the air just like now at sea, helping guest to enjoy their travels. 



    Water Toys

    FunAir inflatable slide
    2 electric Seabobs
    Diving compressor on board
    Naish wing sup surfer
    Wind sup
    Mega sup (for up to 8 people)
    2 sets of PENN fishing gear
    BRIG Falcon F420HT tender


Charter 'E'

Offering the 360° eco luxury yachting experience, 'E’ is available for charters:

from July 2023 in the Mediterranean


from December 2023 in the Caribbean

Antigua, British Virgin Islands 

We are keen on considering other destinations and bespoke itineraries upon request.




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The Wonder of Sound

We proudly donate a week's charter to the Wonder of Sound gala auction

Designed, hand-picked and crafted to perfection

Performance Specifications

Sail cruising speed: 10-12 knots
Engine cruising speed: 7 knots
Cruising time on batteries: 6 hours
Cruising range on batteries with a backup generator: 1000 nautical miles
Cruising range on sails: unlimited

Propulsion System

2 x 55 kW electric engines
134 kWh lithium battery bank
4.5 kW Sun Power solar panels
2 x 130 kW Volvo Penta backup diesel generator


134 m2 onesails mainsail
116 m2 onesails genoa
33 m2 Dfi laminate staysail
185 m2 Stormlite gennaker


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